Vocational Guidance and Employment Counselling Programme

To cater to the Educational and Vocational Guidance needs of the students & Job seekers the Vocational Guidance and Employment Counselling programme is an integral part of the Employment Services of the Employment Department. At present Employment Department is having 21 Vocational Guidance Units at District level and 3 Universities Employment Information and Guidance Bureaux at Kurukshetra, Rohtak and Hissar, to provide Educational and Vocational Guidance to the youth.

Objective – The main objective of the Vocational Guidance and Employment Counselling programme is to render continuous assistance to individual in preparing to choose, change and adjust occupational life
Programme – These units disseminate occupational and other relevant information to the applicants through the Group Guidance, Individual Guidance, Career talks, Individual informations and Individual counselling. The Employment officers collect and compile up to date information on Occupations, Training facilities, Educational Courses, Scholarships , Stipends, Self employment avenues and Competitive examinations. The Employment Officers also advise the candidates for the job opportunities available to them as per their qualifications and maintain a library of occupational and educational courses of Educational and Technical institutions.
Career Guidance week is organised twice a year with a view to : –
1. Guide the students as per their needs about the educational and vocational courses.
2. Disseminate the information for jobs and training facilities available for them.
3. Assist them in making judicious choice of their careers in accordance with their qualifications.
Occupational information Room – In each employment exchange with vocational guidance units and Universities Employment Information and guidance Bureaux where information pertaining to educational training facilities, job opportunities, and employment trends etc. is displayed in the form of Posters, Charts, Prospectus, etc. ;

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